Ongoing Residential Projects in Mumbai - Gurukrupa Group

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Description: Gurukrupa Group stands at the forefront of revolutionizing the Indian real estate scenario with its ongoing residential projects in Mumbai. Their commitment to innovation, meticulous planning, and cutting-edge technology is exemplified in projects like the Marina Enclave Towers in Malad(W). This extensive development unfolds across multiple phases, encompassing J, K, and L in Phase 1, and M & N in Phase 2, showcasing the group's ambition and strategic planning. Another noteworthy venture is Guru Atman 360-degree Living in Kalyan, featuring Tower A, B, and H, reflecting their dedication to diverse and contemporary living spaces. Possessing a substantial land bank of over 10 lakh sq. ft. in Mumbai, coupled with an additional 20 lakh sq. ft. under construction, Gurukrupa Group not only realizes its vision of modern living but also contributes significantly to the sustainable evolution of the city's real estate sector, marking a substantial impact on Mumbai's urban landscape.



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